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Pam, California 03/17/2015

Elsie 1 year old... 96 lbs of love She is an amazing Nutty Girl. Such a sweet Personality.. She loves everyone. But she is also a great watchdog. Thank you for raising such great babies. Love to u all. 

Victoria, Florida 02/26/2015

My husband and I got two female pups out of one of Adel’s most recent litters. Right away, we could tell that they were going to be magnificent. The size of their paws and heads for such a young age was amazing. Not only that, their demeanors were perfect. We have had them for about a week now and we couldn’t be more thrilled. They are so smart and listen so well for such a young age. We are so excited to watch our girls grow and become as gorgeous as their parents. We can’t thank Adel and his wife Rosa enough for allowing us to bring these blessings into our family. I would recommend them and their services to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Doberman Empire will not disappoint!

Douglas, Colorado 04/01/2015

Beautiful, Healthy dog Thank You very much for the wonderfull experience and quality dog.

Chris & Heather, Florida 02/11/2015 

Thank you Adel for our beautiful puppy girl! We have named her Luna. We have only had her for 5 days but she has amazed us with how smart she is!! My kids fight over who gets to take care of her and she is getting lots of love. My other dogs are doing well with her too. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is!!


Cindy, North Carolina 02/23/2015 
Hello Adel, Glad to talk to you again. Isabella ( Our Dobe) Is The best pup ever. Shes a beautiful girl, healthy, playfull And Cuddly. Thank you so much for bringing isabella into our life. We appreciate all What you have done for us.

Quintin & Brenda, Florida 03/11/2015

We have been so pleased with every step of this process, from the very first contact we made (before the litter was even conceived) until our last visit (Adel invited us to come see our puppy every day the weekend we came up to pick him out). Adel has been true to his word from day 1. The breeding males and females are incredibly beautiful and well cared for and all the puppies we have seen, from multiple litters, have been amazing. It makes it very hard to pick yours out. You cannot go wrong getting the next member of your family from this kennel. You truly become a member of their family when you do!



Quintin & Brenda, Florida 07/31/2015

18 weeks old yesterday & 42 lbs of pure sweetness.



Quintin & Brenda, Florida 10/02/2015

Here is our boy on his 6 month birthday, a full 70 lbs already. He is so smart, so well behaved, so eager to please and the most loving dog ever, we love him so much. He has been such an amazing addition to our family. Thank you, Adel.

Julia, Florida 09/02/2015 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mrs. Adel Beshara for the wonderful addition to our family.If anyone looking to use their services in the future, and you might have doubt or fear about inferior breeders let me be the first to ease your minds, my experience with Beshara family I was treated with none other then knowledge,professionlism, and kindness.She is flawless and a perfect depiction of the breed...My new love Shotzi.


Mareike, New Jersey 09/03/2015

 I must share how overly pleased I am with the outcome of my purchase from Doberman Empire. After recently losing our beloved dog Kizzy, Doberman Empire has helped relieve the pain from our loss by providing us with an adorable and stunning boy, Hugo. The days leading up to Hugo's arrival went very smoothly, because Adel had been very accommodating and kept us up to date on a regular basis. It is more than obvious that these puppies are each cared for with love and care due to Hugo's incredible demeanor upon his arrival. Adel not only made sure we were fully aware of all the steps we needed to take to follow through with the process, but he also gave us the ability to video chat with the new puppy via skype prior to purchase to ensure that he was everything that we wanted. Hugo is impressively intelligent, beautifully built, and has a golden personality. My family and I cannot wait for the joys that our new puppy continues to bring us each day we raise him. Thank you so much Doberman Empire for our amazing new family member.


Ivy, Florida 10/07/2015 

hello Adel This Is Tyrion, is'nt he the cutest thing you ever seen!!!! i'm in LOVE!!! 

Thank you guys so much, my days are a lot happier with Tyrion around.


Reginald, Alabama 08/22/2015 

hello Adel, Ali is 8 months old today & he's 85 lbs

Thank you So much.



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